Hey gf! We caught up with model and influencer Lydia Kara on our latest Kiwi Resort shoot! We spoke about all things summer vacay & behind the scenes on a Kiwi shoot, here's what she had to say... 

If you were stranded on a dessert island what’s one thing you wouldn’t be without?

⚡️ Lip balm is a must always!! 

What is your book/podcast of choice for this summer?

⚡️ I love listening to the girls bathroom podcast whilst on a sun lounger for sure!

Where is somewhere you’ve never been but would love to visit?

⚡️ There's loads of places I can't wait to explore but Bali would be an absolute dream.

It’s 10am and you're on holiday. Where would we find you? 

⚡️ You will always find me by the pool getting my tan on!

Are you more of a beach gal or city break gal?

⚡️ I love both!!!

What’s your fave item from the Kiwi resort collection?

⚡️ I can’t pick a favourite… it’s like choosing a favourite child.  

What is an essential for a shoot day?

⚡️ Body glow and snacks, it can be a very long day!

Fave thing about shooting with Kiwi?

⚡️ The team are just the nicest people ever! They always hype you up and make everything so fun. 


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