Hey gf! We've been speaking to Model Beth Cunningham to get all of her hot girl summer secrets. Beth shot with us for our Kiwi resort campaign and the most recent second drop. We are obsessed 😍 This is what she had to say to us whilst on shoot. 



If you were stranded on a dessert island what’s one thing you wouldn’t be without?

🌸 My cat Louis:) Louis is the sweetest soul and I know he would look after me, keep me company and give me all the love🐾 if not Louis, then Nikki (my bff/sister). There’s no show without punch 😌

What is your book/ podcast of choice for this summer?

🌸Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain has got to be my go-to podcast. The subjects she talks about are relevant to me, helping me put what I think into words. It’s Emma chamberlain, who wouldn’t listen to her all day?😌

Where is somewhere you’ve never been but would love to visit?

🌸My dream destination to visit would be Mexico. I’m not entirely sure where exactly in Mexico but the culture and way of life is something that has always intrigued me. TEQUILA is the biggest persuasion, I would love to sip on an ice cold margarita in the sun🌞


It’s 10am and you're on holiday. Where would we find you? 

🌸 You would find me by the pool in a teeny tiny bikini trying to soak up the sun. With a Fanta lemon in hand, of course🍋

Are you more of a beach gal or city break gal?

🌸 I love both. I like the beach because I can relax and be with my own thoughts ☁️ I like a city break for people watching. I like to watch what is going on around me, watching people live their lives👀

What’s your fave item from the Kiwi resort collection?

🌸 I love everything so far in the Resort collection. It’s a perfect holiday wardrobe. My favourite item would be the Fiji dress. I felt really good in it, the colours are perfect for summer🌝

What is an essential for a shoot day?

🌸 Coffee and music. A shoot day can be long so I like to keep a coffee in hand to get me through and keep me on my best game. Music is an essential during a shoot, it can influence the way you feel. Good music = confident model📸

Fave thing about shooting with Kiwi?

🌸 I love shooting with Kiwi, its always guaranteed to be a fun filled day! Meeting the team behind Kiwi during shoots has got to be my favourite thing. Everyone behind the scenes give me all the reassurance I need during a shoot, giving me the confidence boost I need sometimes. I love you girls


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July 04, 2022 — Mel Lanigan