Hey Gf! Cosy season is here, and we’ve got the perfect must-have accessory for you this winter! Our chunky colourful scarves are an essential staple for your wardrobe this season to keep you cosy yet stylish. Our scarves range from 11 iconic colours both solid and checked, priced at just £32.99! We’ve got the perfect Kiwi scarf styling guide for the ultimate winter look.



The cold weather is well and truly approaching, and layering your fits is essential to stay warm and cosy. Our scarves can create an effortless winter look this year to go from comfortable to chic! Our best-selling poplar jumpers are an ideal styling piece to pair with our scarves. If you're needing that extra bit of cosiness, throw over our scarfs on any jacket to add a pop of colour.
 We like to describe our scarves like blankets, the fluffy wool material creates a layer of absolute softness that you can wrap yourself around in.
November 24, 2022 — Mel Lanigan